Soffer Pro x33

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Polished TEX door Mirror LH Convex

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Genuine TEX Classic door mirror. Left hand side, convex glass. Glass size is @ 3"x5.5". Part # GAM218A. Can be used as a direct replacement for the rectangular Rover mirrors with available TEX adapter plates.


MDM02 LH TEX Evolution Mirror

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These direct replacement stainless steel softline bullet mirrors by TEX will fit to most post 80's cars which have the 2 bolt door mirror fixings. Left Side. Convex glass.


Right Door Mirror- Black Rover style

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Rover style Right side door mirror as fitted to most 1980+ Classic Minis

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Bullet Mirror - Aluminum - Convex

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Aluminum door or wing (fender) "bullet" racing mirror with gasket and mounting screws. The mirror dimensions are 3.75" length on the base, 2" between the mount holes and 3.5" round for the glass. These mirrors are bolted on from below so the fasteners are not seen. Convex glass. Part # GAM106C

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Bullet Style Chrome Torpedo 2000 Mirrors - Pair

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Chrome "Torpedo 2000" mirrors with gaskets to direct fit late model Classic Mini doors that came with the rectangular Rover mirror. These mirrors will bolt directly on to those factory mount holes with hidden screws (not included). The mirror dimensions are 4.5" length on the body and 3.75" round for the glass. Between the mount holes is 21mm. Price includes both left and right mirrors & gaskets. New lower price.