Soffer Pro x33

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TEX Door Mirror adapter M91000 pre 1970

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TEX mirror adapter for use on early minis/sprites,MGB where no existing factory drilled holes for the door are suitable or usable.

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Polished TEX Torpedo door Mirror RH Convex

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Genuine TEX Classic "Torpedo" or bullet style door mirror. Right hand side, Convex glass. Part # GAM107C. Universal mount and screws included. Made especially for Classic Minis, Sprites and Midgets. Can be used as a direct replacement for the rectangular Rover mirrors with available TEX adapter plates. MMR02R


MDM02 LH TEX Evolution Mirror

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These direct replacement stainless steel softline bullet mirrors by TEX will fit to most post 80's cars which have the 2 bolt door mirror fixings. Left Side. Convex glass.

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Genuine Rover Left Door Mirror

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Genuine Rover left door mirror as fitted to most 80's + Classic Minis JPC9849


Left Door Mirror - Black Rover style

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Rover style left side door mirror as fitted to most 1980+ Classic Minis