Soffer Pro x33

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SPI Air Filter Housing with new filter

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Used air filter housing with new air filter for SPI Minis PHB10081


C-SRP200 Spring Set-Red -Scratch & Dent

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C-SRP200 suspension spring kit upgrade for any Classic Mini- Red springs are for hard road or Rally use. These springs replace your old worn out rubber cones with modern springs that both improve ride and handling. Available in 3 different performance levels. Blue is for standard road use, Red is for Hard Driving on road or rally and Green is for track use. Sracer Upper "A" Arm Rebound Bumpers are suggested for use with all springs to help maintain spring position during extreme circumstances. This set has minor superficial scratches from shipping which will in no way affect operation. Clearance scratch and dent item.


MGB 1800 Head Gasket Set

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Head Gasket set for MGB 1800 upto 1974 1/2. Includes head gasket, valve cover gasket, manifold and carb gaskets, valve seals, thermostat gasket etc. CK663 equivalent.

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Stainless Steel Exhaust BMW Mini Cooper "SPORTS" Cat Back System

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"Cat Back" QUICKSILVER "SPORTS" Stainless Steel exhaust system for your BMW Mini Cooper 2001+. The absolute best on the market with a 25 year corrosion guarantee. Better performance and better sound from one great package. Dyno proven 6bhp power improvement. Click here for QuickSilver Tech Sheets LAST ONE-CLEARANCE PRICED


Used Braided Stainless Steel Oil Cooler Hose

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Used Braided Stainless Steel Oil Cooler Pipe. Extra long, about 5ft+. Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable.