Soffer Pro x33

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Left side sill repair panel- Saloon Mk3+, Narrow

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Left side narrow outer sill repair panel, Saloon Mk3+.


Left Inner Hinge Panel for External Hinge Minis

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Left side reinforced inner hinge panel for Minis with external door hinges, including Mk1's, Mk2's, Vans and Pickups. This is the supporting stiffener piece for the door hinges. An outer panel is also required. Qty 1.

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Left Quarterlight -CZH3523 Clear

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Left Rear Opening 1/4 light. Complete L/H rear side window frame with glass and opening catch for Mk3 cars only from 1970 on


14A9535 Genuine Rover Sill LH

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14A9535 Genuine LH sill repair panel. These 4" wide sills are genuine Rover replacement parts with 6 vents and are for MK3on saloon. If you want it to look right, you've got to use the right parts. They will fit MK1/2 but not original fitment.

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Metal Headlamp Bucket

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Metal headlamp bowl. Qty 1. Fits most classic British cars; Mini, MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Hillman, Austin Healey, Ford, Sunbeam etc.