Soffer Pro x33

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Lock Barrel set Mk1/2

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Replacement barrel set with 2 keys for Mk1/2 Minis with ignition switch in the dash- includes ignition lock barrel and drivers door lock barrel and boot lock barrel with 2 keys.

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Outer door handle with key - Mk1 Mini

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This earlier Mk1 door handle was thinner than the later MK2 type. This handle will also fit the passenger side as the non locking plain handle is obsolete. Comes with one key.

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Stainless Steel Bumper Mk2+ Genuine quality

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Stainless Steel Front or Rear Bumper for Classic Mini Saloons from Mk2 on. Polished to look like chrome, these will not rust like the standard bumpers so for just a few dollars more these may outlast your Mini. These are equivalent to the genuine Heritage bumpers and much better than the standard less expensive versions. Qty1.

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Full Lower Windshield Repair Panel - Genuine

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Full repair panel for the section below the windshield (scuttle). These panels are a common rust spot and due to their shape replacing may be a lot cheaper than repair. Genuine Heritage part # HMP441001. Special order part, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.

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Wind deflector set-Classic Mini

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Tinted vent shade/wind deflector set for Classic Minis with wind up windows. MSA1102 or WPA9274