Soffer Pro x33

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Heater Core / Matrix 70-84 Mini

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New heater matrix / heater core for 1970-1984 Minis. 2 plastic 5/8" outlets at each end  The later HIF38 1275 and single point cars had a change point where the plastic outlets exited on the l/h. These units take 5/8" heater hose,

Picture loos similar but end pipes are not together. They are at each end. 


Tropical Cooling Fan 2A998

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Genuine Rover/Heritage Tropical Cooling Fan as fitted to Minis in hot climates. Perfect for the summer. Part # 2A998


82 Degree Thermostat with gasket

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82 degree thermostat with gasket for Classic Minis, Morris Minor, Morris Marina, MG's, Triumphs, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin 64-95, UK Ford Anglia, Escort, Range Rover 81-91, Morgan Plus 8 68-90, Rover SD1 V8, Mid range temperature part # GTS104

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Kenlowe Electric Fan Kit

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Kenlowe Electric Cooling Fan Kit. Made specifically for the Classic Mini. Includes the electric fan and all parts needed to install. Thermostatically controlled so only comes on when needed for extra cooling. Can be used to replace the mechanical fan thus saving valuable HP or just as an auxilliary fan in hot climates. Installation instructions included. C-ARA4400. Delivery 10-15 days


Temperature sender GTR101

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Temperature sensor/sender unit in the cylinder head 1970-1990, GTR101 or GTR143