Soffer Pro x33

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Boot (Trunk) seal -Early Style

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Early Style Classic Mini Boot seal. This is the sponge type that glues onto the trunk lid.

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Metal Headlamp Bucket

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Metal headlamp bowl. Qty 1. Fits most classic British cars; Mini, MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Hillman, Austin Healey, Ford, Sunbeam etc.


Lock Nut for Sportspack Arches

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5mm lock nut for Sportspack Arches. GFK3295.  5 required per arch.

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Stainless Steel Bumper Mk2+ Genuine quality

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Stainless Steel Front or Rear Bumper for Classic Mini Saloons from Mk2 on. Polished to look like chrome, these will not rust like the standard bumpers so for just a few dollars more these may outlast your Mini. These are equivalent to the genuine Heritage bumpers and much better than the standard less expensive versions. Qty1.


Group 6 Wide Wheel Arch Kit

$180.75 -15% $207.86 | Stock Qty = 1

Set of 4 Group 6 Wide black fiberglass wheel arches. About 4" at the widest point. Arches have the lip.