Click on this link for more detailed photos Part #PAM1014- Uses 4 ADH3809 clips." />

Soffer Pro x33

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Mexico Chin Spoiler

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Mini Mexico Front Chin Spoiler

This GRP front spoiler will fit all round nose Minis including those with fibreglass fronts. The red car also has Annapolis Arches fitted

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Outer Door to Window Seal - Pair

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"Door to Glass" strips. These are the stainless steel strips at the top of the door with a rubber seal that wipes the window glass as it goes up or down. These are the later types with the black rubber ends as fitted from 1981 but will fit wind up window Minis from 1970  Click on this link for more detailed photos Part #'s PAM1014 & PAM1015 - Uses 8 ADH3809 clips, not included.


Door Skin, LH Mk3+

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Left Hand Door Skin for roll up window Minis. Non genuine but good quality and good fit.

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13H743 Trim Rivet

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Pop rivet with collar clip as used to attach the chrome upper door trim and also the side trim pieces found on many Clubman, Elf, Hornet and other variant models. 13H743


Wiper wheel box- 32 teeth

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37H7200 wiper wheel box, Mk3+ Mini. 32 teeth