Soffer Pro x33

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6x10 Black Minilight/JBW Wheels w/A008

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NEW 10x6 DEEP DISH Minilight/JBW Wheels for Classic Minis. Black face with polished rim and Yoko A008 tires. -7 offset, 4x101.6 (4x4") PCD. Perfect for street or show. Sold as a set of 4 only. Price is for 4 wheels, 4 caps/logos and 16 lugnuts with 4 mounted and balanced Yokohama A008 165/70R10 tires. These are the NEW style, redesigned with the same great deep dish but made for much easier tire installation. Body mods required. Special order item, allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

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Rover Minilite OEM Style Lug Nut

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Improved design of the OE type lug nut used on late model Classic Minis with Rover Minilite wheels. It has a 60 degree tapered captive washer for alloy wheels without a hardened seat. Qty 1.

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Gold 13x7 Superlight Wheels

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Deep Dish 7x13 Superlight Wheels with Gold face and machined rim. Sold as a set of 4 including center caps and chrome lugnuts. Sportspack arches are suggested for these rims. Type 158-4x4 (4x101.60 PCD, -7 offset. Price is for a set of 4 wheels with caps and lugnuts.


VTO Short Chrome Wheel Cap -Small

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VTO Small bore (67.1mm) short wheel cap with logo. Qty 1.

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Silver 5x12 Minilight with Falken Tire

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Silver 5x12 Minilight with Falken 165/60R12 Tire- sold in sets of 4 only. Price is for 4 wheels with 4 mounted tires and includes center caps and chrome lug nuts.