Soffer Pro x33

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Used Upper Grey Dash Pad

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Used Mini upper dash rail pad in gray, easy to change to black if needed with a can of Vinyl Color or make it really nice with one of our dash cover kits. Vents included, ashtray not included. Overall good condition but dirty with one small mark at the center front area. One fixing bolt is broken as usual. All used parts are sold as-is with no returns.

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Innocenti Leyland 4.5x10 wheel - Used

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One Innocenti / Leyland original 4.5x10 Rostyle steel wheel. This one has surface rust so it is in need of a repaint. Used parts are sold As-Is.

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Mini Eyeball Air Vents Connectors--One pair - used

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Used Mini Eyeball Air Vent connectors, one pair, LH & RH. Good condition but one need a couple of rusty bolts removed.  Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable

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Billet Engine Breather -C-2A265 - Used

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Used Billet Crankcase Breather with pipe- The A-Series engine has a reputation for leaking oil and/or smoking. One of the major causes of the various leaks is uncontrolled crankcase pressure. Remember that after the piston moves up in the block to create compression it also has to go back down in the block- this creates crankcase pressure. And if the piston rings are a little worn the ever present blowby can create considerable crankcase pressure. This adapter block is designed to bolt onto the backside of any block that has a blanking plate where the mechanical fuel pump is sometimes located. The block provides baffled venting and has a 3/8-18 pipe thread output to allow you to create your own catch/vent system. Machined from billet aluminum. Used parts are sold as-is.

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Mini Seat Subframes-used pair

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Mini Tilt & Slide Seat Subframes / Brackets for installing aftermarket seats in a Classic Mini- Seat mount holes 11+3/8(wide)"x13"(front to back) or 16+3/4" diagonally. One pair, left & right. USED item, sold as-is