Soffer Pro x33

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Used Mini Clubman bonnet catch/lock with spring

$32.50 -15% $37.38 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Used bonnet latch/spring for Mini Clubman models with external hood release. used parts are sold as-is

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Used 8.4" Disc Brakes -Complete for rebuild

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Used set of 8.4" Classic Mini Disk Brakes. Perfect for a conversion from drum brakes. Includes complete hubs with axles, brake calipers, bearings, ball joints, rotors and pads. These are sold "as is" and WILL require a rebuild and some new parts. No returns on used parts.


Used- ALA6505 master cyl mounting plate 76-89

$19.97 -15% $22.96 | Stock Qty = 1

Used RHD ALA6505. Fits on the engine bay bulkhead for the master cylinders to sit on and for the engine stabiliser bar upper location 76-89 Classic Minis. Used parts are sold as-is.

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Used ATS 5x10" Mini wheels with tires - Set of 4

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USED- Period ATS 5x10 alloy Mini wheels with tires. Qty 4 wheels/tires. Some curb rash on the lip of the one on the top right. All 4 caps are included even though one is missing in the photo..  Used items are sold as-is.


Used Mini heater with fan & switch

$66.30 -15% $76.25 | Stock Qty = 1

Used heater and blower assembly with switch from a Mk3 Mini. It needs a good clean but the fan works and it doesnt leak. The switch bezel is slightly bent on the top edge. Both pipes are the right side of the case-see pic for location. Used parts are sold as is and are not returnable.