Soffer Pro x33

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Black Gutter Trim

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Black Gutter Trim for Classic Mini's


Inner Right Door Bottom Repair Panel Mk3+

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This repair panel is what you need if the inside of your Mk3+ right door is rusting at the bottom. This can be used when installing a new door skin to to outside of the door. MS34R


Left Outer Hinge Panel - External Hinge Cars

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LH Outer Hinge panel for Minis with External door hinges. Sometimes called the "A" panel.This panel, located just in front of the door, almost always rusts, starting with small bubbles under the paint and getting rapidly worse. Qty 1.


RH Mini Clubman Headlamp Mounting Panel

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Genuine panel that holds the RH headlamp assembly on the Mini Clubman versions

This is a special order part, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.

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Used - heavy rubber seal for radiator shroud

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Used complete genuine rubber seal for radiator shroud