BHM7085. Used parts are sold as is and are not returnable." />

Soffer Pro x33

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BG5401 Door Check Straps - Used set

$18.75 -15% $21.56 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

One pair of 1960's style Door Check Straps in steel for Mk1, Mk2 Minis with external door hinges. These will hold your doors open too. Never installed set with just a few minor scuffs so sold as used. Used parts are sold as-is.

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Cooper 998 7" Brake Caliper LH - USED

$59.95 -15% $68.94 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Used left side brake caliper for 7" Cooper disc brakes only, will not fit 7.5" brakes. Used item-sold as-is, as with all brake parts check before use.

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21A1058 right rear brake back plate -Used

$19.95 -15% $22.94 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

21A1058 Right rear brake backing plate, genuine AP Lockheed - Very good servicable condition with good adjuster threads and no rust. Used part sold as-is


Used Innocenti Mini heater with fan & switch

$54.95 -15% $63.19 | Stock Qty = 1

Used heater and blower assembly with switch from an Innocenti Mini. It needs a good clean but the fan works and it doesnt leak.  Both pipes are the right side of the case-see pic for location. Includes bezel, 2 switches and cigar lighter. Used parts are sold as is and are not returnable.

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Amber Turn Signal Lens- Early Style Plastic- USED

$8.00 -15% $9.20 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Pair of plastic Amber front turn signal lenses. Early type, held on by rubber seal and chrome ring. Qty 1 = 1 pair. Used parts are sold as-is