Soffer Pro x33

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Morris Minor rear bumper -Used

$29.95 -15% $34.44 | Stock Qty = 1

Morris Minor 1000 used rear bumper . Includes chrome bumper only. Poor condition with a bend on the right side. Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable. Must ship UPS 


13H396 clutch slave cyl rod - Used

$5.50 -15% $6.33 | Stock Qty = 1

USED - 13H396 clutch rod for classic Minis, both Verto and Pre-Verto models. Used part, sold as-is

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Used 10" Mini wheel 21A2744

$18.00 -15% $20.70 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

One used 21A2744 3.5x10" steel Mini wheel, great for a spare, as fitted to most 1970's Minis. Used parts are sold as-is

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Mk3+ Boot handle with key-Used

$24.95 -15% $28.69 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

USED - Classic Mini Mk3+ Chrome Trunk/Boot handle with 1 key. Used parts are sold as-is.


Weber 40DCOE with swan neck manifold -Used

$149.95 -15% $172.44 | Stock Qty = 1

Used Italian made Weber carb with Cannon 805 swan neck manifold to fit a Classic Mini, or "A" series Spridget. Perfect for any large bore engine, came from a great running high output 1275. Used carbs should be checked and rebuilt before use as needed. Used parts are sold as-is.