Soffer Pro x33

$2999.99 -15% $3700.00 Stock Qty = 2

Headlamp Peaks -Used

$9.95 -15% $11.44 | Stock Qty = 2

Headlamp peaks (eyebrows) to fit 7" headlamps on Mini's, MG's, Triumphs etc. These will fit all 7" headlamps with a chrome bezel ring around the lamp. Sold as a pair. USED set, sold as is.

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Heavy Duty Adjustable Tie Rods 21A1091 - USED

$35.70 -15% $41.06 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Adjustable Tie Bars- Classic Mini-One pair. 21A1091 - Used set in good condition except for a few tool marks from adjusment. Used parts are sold as-is.

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FAM5359 wheel cap set- Used

$25.00 -15% $28.75 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Set of 4 British Leyland wheel center caps from steel wheels. MIni HLE and Mayfair models, 1982-84. Used parts are sold As-Is.

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Valve Cover Oil Filler Cap- Original style - Used

$5.00 -15% $5.75 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Used replacement vented plastic oil filler cap for A and A+ Valve Covers on Minis, MG's, Morris Minors, AH Sprites etc. Original style with plastic tether. Used part, sold as-is.

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Used 1275cc A series engine/trans De Tomaso 120L 70HP

$585.00 -15% $672.75 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

1275cc Innocenti De Tomaso 120L 70HP "A" series 12H832XH engine with rod change transmission and diff. No cylinder head.

Engine turns freely and is complete but the internal condition is unknown and a rebuild is suggested. This is a factory high performance 11 bolt block so will require an 11 bolt cylinder head. Used parts are sold as-is. ****please note shipping is not included and this engine can be collected at Fl zip 33064 or you can arrange your own shipping by cheapest way, ( or similar) or email your details to for a shipping quote****