Soffer Pro x33

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Used SU HIF44 1.75" carb & manifolds FZX1409

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Used- 1.75" SU HIF44 carburettor with intake and exhaust manifolds , came from a running Mini but its always suggested to rebuild before use. Part # FZX1409. Used parts are sold As-Is.

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Carbon Fiber LHD Dash - Used

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Genuine Carbon Fiber LHD 2 clock dash board. This item is used and sold AS-IS with no returns. In good condition except that the glove box door is out of alignment and there is a small chip on the bottom right corner (probably not visible once installed) and a small chip on the removable radio hole cover which wont be visible if a radio is installed.


Pair of Mikuni 44 Side Draft Carbs-Used

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One pair of used Mikuni 44's with #34 chokes, Came from a great running high output 1380. Used carbs should be checked and rebuilt before use as needed. Used parts are sold as-is.


USED Late Mini bonnet badge DAC10026 / DAB10076

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Late model Mini Used Bonnet / Hood badge, 1 of the 3 fixing pins is broken and there is a mark on the right side.  DAB10076. Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable

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Upper Engine Stabilizer rod 21A1109 - Used

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Upper engine steady (dogbone) 21A1109. For all models (except 1990+ 1275cc) and all automatics. For bushings see C-STR630 - USED item (not shown) sold as is.