Soffer Pro x33

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Fiberglass Body and Arch Kit - Last one, clearance priced

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Classic Mini Fiberglass wheel arch and body ground effects kit- includes 4 arches, 2 side skirts and front/rear body lower ground effects in fiberglass. About 4" wide at the top center of the front arches. This is a clearance item as its the last set.  Sold As-Is, no returns. Oversize for shipping so this must go by UPS or can be picked up locally at 33064 - LAST SET

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850 / 948 Cylinder head - Used

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Used 850 or 948 Cylinder head Mini, Minor or Sprite - Mowog 2A629 casting. has been resurfaced and had a valve job but this was a while ago by the look of it so it should be checked. It will also need a couple of studs changing out. Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable.

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Walnut finish rear 6x9 Speaker Panel

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Walnut finish rear speaker Board for the Classic Mini. Holds one pair of 6x9 speakers.

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Annapolis Arch Kit - Fiberglass

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Annapolis Mini Wide Wheel Arch Set
This set of fibreglass wheel arches has external fixing points so is ideal for lowered or tubbed minis.
The arches have a return on the outer edge so there are no sharp external edges.

The front arches are 4 1/2" at the widest point

The rear arches are 4 1/8" at the widest point

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Rokee American Walnut Door Trim panel

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Genuine Rokee Amercan Walnut Door upper trim. These are narrower than the door cappings. NOS, one pair only. All sales are "as-is" and final on clearance items.