Soffer Pro x33

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Side entry distributor Cap - Land Rover, Triumph TR2, TR3, TR4

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Original type side entry distributor cap. Land Rover Series 2 58-61, Triumph Herald, TR2, TR3, TR4 Lucas part # DDB110, Unipart GDC114, Intermotor 44800

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Pertronix Flame Thrower Coil - Chrome

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Pertronix Flame Thrower ignition coil. Chrome finish, 3 ohm, 40,000 volt oil filled high performance coil. Also available in chrome finish. Part #40501


Distributor Rotor - DRB104C

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GRA2114 Distributor rotor for later Minis (1974+ up to electronic ignition) and Metros. Search for DDB108 if you also need the distributor cap. 45D & 59D distributors.


Starter Solenoid 3 terminal

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Starter motor solenoid for Minis, Triumphs, MGs and many other British cars without a solenoid built onto the starter motor. Most Minis upto 1983, MGB 63-67,Midget 63-74,Triumph Spitfire 1962 to 1974 and can be used for Triumph TR3 to TR250. SRB325. 13H5952


Tune up kit for Minis with Lucas 25D distributor

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Ignition tune up kit for all Mini engines to about 1974.  Distributor should be stamped 25D on the side and the points have a red arm. Kit includes distributor cap, "red" points, rotor, condenser, genuine NGK BP6ES spark plugs and your choice of spark plug wires. Denso W20EP-U or E3 Diamondfire plugs are optional.