Soffer Pro x33

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14A7901 LH inner fender for external door hinge Minis

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LH inner wing for Minis with external door hinges, Mk1, Mk2, vans and pickups. Genuine Heritage part. 14A7901


Used 1.5" SU HS4 Carburetor with manifolds

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Used SU HS4 1.5" carb with intake/exhaust manifold and cone filter. Carb is FZX1142. Came off a good running car but it may be wise to rebuild before use. The foam filter is tired.All used parts are sold "as-is" with no returns.

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Used Mini steering wheel

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Original Mini steering wheel in dark gray. Used part, sold as-is.

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Deluxe Grille Surround Set with Seating Strips -Scratch & Dent

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CLEARANCE--Deluxe Grille Surround Set with the Bonnet moulding and the 2 side pieces plus the chrome plastic seating strips. For all Mk2 Mini grilles from 1968 to the last production models in 2000. This kit includes the special shaped chrome plastic seating pieces for between the body and the mouldings, as fitted originally and designed to minimize paint damage. -Scratch & dent tem, not returnable-- this one has minor scuffs from shipping but no dent and should polish up nicely.


4 Pot Brake Caliper for Vented Rotors RH

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Remanufactured Metro Turbo 4 piston front brake caliper for vented rotors. Right side. NOS. Should be replaced as pairs for safety. GBC2031