Soffer Pro x33

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Used Mini Radiator Shroud -2 piece

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Used two piece Classic Mini radiator cowl / surround as fitted to early Minis (upto about 1974 and no longer available new), some surface rust but solid and could use a refinish and repaint.  Used parts are sold as-is.

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GS130273 Bonnet Cable Kit -Used

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USED -Bonnet/Hood Cable Kit for Minis with external opening bonnets. Includes cable, latch, hardware and instructions so you can convert from an external to an internal release hood. GS130273 -Used part, sold as-is

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FAM5359 wheel cap set- Used

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Set of 4 British Leyland wheel center caps from steel wheels. MIni HLE and Mayfair models, 1982-84. Used parts are sold As-Is.


USED-- 8D2490 Mk1/2 Ashtray

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USED---- 8D2490 ashtray for MK1/2 minis with the fluted top for the rear glovebox and facia. Needs a good clean and polish.  USED part, sold as is.

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Door lock remote CZH640- used

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Used remote door lock opening mechanism, goes along the door from the opening handle to the latch. Right side. CZH640.  Used items are sold as-is