Soffer Pro x33

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LH Door Jamb/Flitch Panel Mk3+

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LH Door jamb and flitch panel1970 on, cars with internal hinges and wind up windows This LH repair panel has holes for the hinges on A post and overlaps 6"at top tapering to 9"at bottom (150mm-215mm)onto the wheel arch section. Also has the first section of wheel arch stiffener recess as per latest cars

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Bonnet (hood) Mk3+ to 1996

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CLEARANCE/Scratch & Dent Item. Bonnet/Hood with upper grille molding lip. Hinge points are for Mk3+ models only. This item is considered oversize for shipping and must ship by UPS, cannot ship by Post. This one has 2 small dents in the front due to minor shipping damage and will need repairs but nothing a bit of skill and body filler cant fix easily. Scratch and dent items are sold "as is" and are non returnable.

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Metal Headlamp Bucket

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Metal headlamp bowl. Qty 1. Fits most classic British cars; Mini, MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Hillman, Austin Healey, Ford, Sunbeam etc.


Gas Filler Neck Seal MPI

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Thinner rubber seal as fitted around the gas filler neck on Post 1996 MPI Classic Minis WGG100010- Fits all models.


MS16L Mk3 Step Repair

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Door step repair panel for Mk3+. Left side.