Soffer Pro x33

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Chrome Tapered Lug Nut 3/8

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3/8 Chrome radiused seat lug nut. This lug nut fits standard steel and alloy wheels as fitted to most Minis prior to 1984. Total length of the nut is about 1+3/8". Qty 1. Search for "N1" for the later style 60 degree conical tapered lug nuts. *** nut design may vary slightly from batch to batch but will be functionally the same***


Silver Minilite Wheel Center Cap

$7.49 -15% $8.61 | Stock Qty = 1

Silver color plastic wheel center cap to fit Minilite and other wheels. 56mm outside diameter and 51mm to fit the center hole of the wheel. The cap is recessed on the outside to accept any of the 42mm logo stickers. Qty 1 piece, 4 required per car.

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Anthracite 13x7 Superlight Wheels with "split rim" look

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Anthracite "Split Rim" look Deep Dish 7x13 Superlight Wheels with dark gray face and machined rim. Sold as a set of 4 including center caps and chrome lugnuts. 4x4" (4x101.6mm) PCD, -7 offset. Sportspack arches are suggested for these rims. Price is for a set of 4 dark gray wheels with caps and lug nuts. **these are not actual split rim wheels** Type 157. Tire options include valve stems and mounting/balancing. Allow 7 to 14 days for delivery on some wheel/tire configurations


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6x10 Anthracite Minilight Wheel - Scratch & Dent

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CLEARANCE ITEM. NEW 10x6 DEEP DISH Minilight Wheel for Classic Minis. Anthracite gray face with polished rim, -7 offset, 4x101.6 (4x4") PCD. This is the OLD style rim and can be VERY difficult to mount tires on. Only a limited number of tire machines are able to mount tires to these rims but its certainly not impossible to do. If you have the capability you can save a small fortune. These are sold "as is" and are not returnable. ONE RIM ONLY

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Silver 5x12 Minilight with Falken Tire

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Silver 5x12 Minilight with Falken 165/60R12 Tire- sold in sets of 4 only. Price is for 4 wheels with 4 mounted tires and includes center caps and chrome lug nuts.