Soffer Pro x33

$2999.99 -15% $3700.00 Stock Qty = 2

Silver JBW Minilght 4.5x10 - Cooper S

$407.95 -15% $469.14 | Stock Qty = 2

4.5x10, 4x101.6mm (4x4") PCD, +32 offset Silver JBW/Minilight Wheel for Mini Cooper S only. Sold as a set of 4 only. Center caps & chrome lug nuts included. Special order, allow 7 to 14 days for delivery. Tire choices include valve stems, mounting and balancing


13x7 Alleycat RS Mini Wheels-Black

$698.30 -15% $803.05 | Stock Qty = 1

7x13 ALLEY CAT style deep dish JBW Rally Special Wheels for Classic Minis. Body mods and arches are required. -7 offset, 4x101.6 (4x4") PCD. Perfect for street or show. Sold as a set of 4 only. Price is for 4 wheels, 4 caps/logos and 16 lugnuts.  Tire options include valve stems and mounting/balancing. SPECIAL ORDER. Allow 7 to 30 days for delivery on some wheel/tire configurations


Anthracite 13x5.5 Minilight Wheels - Triumph, Lotus

$504.50 -15% $580.18 | Stock Qty = 3

5.5x13 JBW/Minilight Wheels in Antracite (dark grey) with a polished lip. Sold as a set of 4 including center caps and chrome lugnuts. 4x95.25 (4x3.75")PCD, +25 offset. Fits small Triumph, Lotus and others. Special order allow 10-15 days for delivery. Please specify vehicle when ordering.


6x10 STARMAG Mini Wheels with Falken Tires

$785.00 -15% $902.75 | Stock Qty = 1

10x6 STARMAG Wheels for Classic Minis with Falken 165 tires mounted and balanced. Machined spokes and rim with black accents. +7 offset, 4x101.6 (4x4") PCD. Perfect for street or show. Sold as a set of 4 only. Price is for 4 wheels/tires, 4 caps/logos and 16 lugnuts.


Falken ZE912 165/60R12 Tire - Single

$135.00 -15% $155.25 | Stock Qty = 1

Latest style Falken ZE912 165/60R12 Tire (Replaces the old FK06 style). Meets all European and Japanese standards. Price is for 1 tire. Also available in sets of 4. With sports style, driving comfort, unbeatable driving enjoyment and outstanding all weather control, this is the new ZE912. Produced by the sixth largest tire manufacturer in the world, the ZE912 features an innovative asymmetrical tread design, extra hard wearing silica based compound and tough wear resistant pattern. These features maximise road grip and improve all round handling thus making it ideal for drivers seeking the excitement of performance driving whilst retaining the enjoyment of supreme comfort and safety. The safety issue is enhanced with the inclusion of the unique "Special Eye" wear indicators. PLEASE ALLOW 10-20 days for delivery