Soffer Pro x33

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Mini Steering Column with Ignition Lock/Key/Switch - used

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Used Mini steering column with shaft, nut, ignition switch, steering lock and key. The key is functional but should probably be replaced. Used columns should be checked as they may need new bushings. Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable.

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Used Center Speedo binnacle

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Used Mini center speedo plastic binnacle  All used items are sold "AS-IS" with no returns.

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Used Mini Saloon LH Gas Tank 9 gallon

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Used 9 gallon LH gas tank for a classic Mini Saloon, non injection. We would suggest a clean and flush on any used tank but this one appears very solid and very clean. Does not include fuel sender unit. All used parts are sold "as-is" are are not returnable.

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Used- Black Silicone Top & Bottom Hoses - SPI

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USED- Upper and lower black silicone radiator hoses for SPI Minis. used for only a few hundred miles prior to an engine swap. As new. Original part #'s GRH1242 and GRH1212

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Used SU Twin 1.25" carbs with Manifold

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Used- Twins SU 1.25" carbs with manifold, rusty and definately in need of a rebuild and some parts. No linkage. Mini or Spridget. Used parts are sold As-Is.