Soffer Pro x33

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Custom Consoles Front Speaker Pods

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Classic Mini (Pre 1993 models) Front Speaker Pods. Mounts using existing pre-drilled holes under bottom dash rail. Takes speakers of 140mm (5 1/4") or 170mm (6 1/2") Makes maximum use of space without encroaching on leg room & foot well area The perfect answer to achieving high quality sound from good size speakers in the front of the car. One Pair in black.


Gray Door Card Set Mk3+

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Interior panel set for wind up window Minis. Set of 4, includes two front door cards and two rear quarter panel cards. Gray Color. Special order only, allow 14 to 28 days for delivery.

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Mini Rear Seat Cover Set

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Rear Seat Cover for Classic Minis 1970+. Upper and lower padded rear seat covers with black wheel arch covers. Custom tailored to fit in soft leather look black vinyl.

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Mini Floor Mat Set in Black with Black Mini. LHD or RHD

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Black Carpet Floor Mat set with Black Embroidered Mini. Heel pads on both front mats. LHD or RHD. Nice quality with bound edges. 2 front mats & 2 rear mats included.

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Gear Shifter Surround -Round, Polished

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Polished Gear Shifter surround/bezel. Attaches to the floor with 4 screws (not included). Nice, highly polished piece. Approximate outside diameter 5.5". For Minis, Triumph, MG and many custom applications.