Soffer Pro x33

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Mk1 Grille Moustache end LH

$18.95 -15% $21.79 | Stock Qty = 1

Upper grille "Mustache end LH" for Mk1 Minis. Chrome on brass. . This is the LH mustache end only.

Moustache ends are $18.95 each side 

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Front Tow Eye - Unpainted

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Sracer Classic Mini Front Tow Hook. Easy to install, just replace the front subframe mount bolt for a permanent installation. Perfect for towing and trailer tie down. These are CAD plated to resist corrosion. You can paint them to match your vehicle. Now also available in powder coated black finish.

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14A8995 Companion box closing plate -LH

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14A8995 Companion box closing panel. Fits against the bodyside in the base of the l/h rear companion/glove box

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CLZ412 clevis pin for door check arm

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The pin that goes into the door stay check arm on the door itself on all minis with wind up type windows from 1970 to 2000. CLZ418

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Outer Hinge Panel Mk3+ - LH Genuine

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Outer Hinge panel for Minis with internal hinges. Sometimes called the "A" panel. This panel, located just in front of the door, almost always rusts, starting with small bubbles under the paint and getting rapidly worse. Qty 1. Left side (as viewed from the drivers seat). Genuine Rover Parts (generic also available)