Soffer Pro x33

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4 Fuse Box -Replacement

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New style Fuse Box with cover. Holds 4 Blade type fuses. A modern replacement for the old unreliable glass fuse style box. Has 4 Lucar (slide on male spade) connectors on each side. Fuses are NOT included. Perfect for Classic Mini, Triumph, MG, Sprite etc.


Distributor Rotor Arm - Ducellier- GRA2123

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Distributor Rotor Arm for Minis with a Ducellier distributor. Part# GRA2123 or ELE3007. Search for GDC214 if you also need the cap.


Illuminated Washer Switch

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Illuminated Washer Switch for Classic Minis with pin type connectors. **extra wiring may be required for the switch illumination**


Rocker Switch Plug Repair Kit - Hazard

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Repair kit for rocker type Hazard switch connector. Plastic connector and 6 female pins will fix those burned out rocker switch connectors on your dash switches. Only for Hazard switches.


High Performance Adjustable 45D4 Distributor 4-Cyl

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New High Performance Electronic 45D4 4-Cylinder distributor with adjustable advance. Finally you will be able to get the perfect advance that is needed for your car. Each distributor can be adjusted from 18 degrees advance to 30 degrees advance to suit your cars performance and fuel needs. No more having to guess on where to set your distributor up. These units are a straight advance with no vacuum unit. Modern Japanese electronics have been combined the Lucas 45D4 Distributor to give you the best of both worlds, maintenance free ignition with the original look of your original British Distributor. This unit carries a 36 Month Manufacturers Warranty, this is the longest in the Business! Very simple installation, two wires, no cutting, just plugs in and go! Please note: This distributor will only work for Negative Ground Cars. Triumph, Mini, MG and more.