Soffer Pro x33

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Air filter Unipart GFE1008 or equivalent

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Stock Air Filter for Mini 1000 Mk3+ and Minis with the big plastic air filter box around the HS4 carb, 4/82 onwards. Also fits Austin America models. GFE1008, WIX WA6516 or equivalent. MSF1008


C-AHT3Oil Cooler Braided Hose Kit

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C-AHT3 Steel Braided Oil Cooler hose kit for all Clubman models and also as a longer version to fit classic Minis. Fitting kit with 14" and 24" hoses for easy fit into any Classic Mini engine upto 1992.


Valve Cover Chrome T-bar Kit SAC71C

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Chrome Valve Cover T-Bar set. Fits all A & B series Series engine. Includes 2 each chrome tbars, washers and spacers. (Seals are not included, see part # 12A1358)


Fan Belt 838mm

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Fan Belt for Classic Minis with early style alternator or generator. 838/835mm long.

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Classic Mini Supercharger Kit

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Supercharger kit for Classic Minis, 1275 or 1380cc. Complete kit with pulleys, belts, brackets, cone air filter, Eaton M45 Supercharger (as used on the New Mini Cooper S). Avialable with or without 1.75" SU carb. Dyno testing is suggested for carb & ignition tuning after installation. A mappable ignition system (not included) is very beneficial for maximum performance. Firewall mods not required. If you have a high compression motor a steel shim head gasket is available at extra cost to lower the compression for Supercharging. This is a special order item. Please email to order or for more info.