Soffer Pro x33

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Mini Boot Hinges -Used pair

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1 Pair of used Boot (trunk) hinges with screws/nuts for a Classic Mini. Used and very serviceable, used parts are sold as-is.


Used 4 speed Rod Change Mini Gearbox

$99.95 -15% $114.94 | Stock Qty = 1

Used 22G1832 rod change 4 speed all synchro Mini gearbox without diff. Turns free, operating condition unknown so a rebuild is suggested. Used parts are sold as-is. Does not qualify for free shipping offers.

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Door Glass 14A7810 sliding window front - Used

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Used small sliding front window glass for Mk1 Mini and Van, Pickup variants. Clear, orig part #14A7810. **used glass tends to have tiny scratches and imperfections from use** Used parts are sold as-is.

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Used 1.5" SU HS4 Carburetor

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Used SU HS4 1.5" carb. Came from a running Mini 1000 but a rebuild is always suggested on any used carb.  All used parts are sold "as-is" with no returns.

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Front Spoiler - Used

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Black ABS plastic front under bumper spoiler for a Classic Mini. Front bumper is retained if needed. This one has never been installed but someone tried to cover it with carbon fiber wrap and it either needs to be removed (with a heat gun or hair drier) or replaced. Used parts are sold as-is