Soffer Pro x33

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12G766 Carb abuttment plate for HS4 - used

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USED- 12G766 Metal plate between manifold and carburettor to hold cables and return springs for all HS4 1.5" carbs with 2 offset fixing holes. Choke cable clip is 13H3472. Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable.


Mini door opening handle

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Used Mini door opening handle, qty 1. Used items are sold as-is

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21A1774 Brake regulator valve - Used

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Brake regulator valve fitted on the rear subframe. Removed from a functional brake system. Used parts are sold as-is.  21A1774


Used GRC1184 expansion tank cap MPI/Twin Point

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USED- At long last a screw on fitting radiator cap but it is only for the twin point injection cars from 1996 on. Actually fits the expansion tank on this model and originated from the the Mini Metro. This special cap is made to allow water /pressure to escape and should be checked periodically GRC1184 -Used parts are sold as-is

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OEM Style Black Wheel Arch - Left Front - Used

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1 OEM/Mini Mayfair style left front wheel arch as fitted to many later model Classic Minis. Entirely serviceable with no cracks. Used parts are sold As-Is.