Soffer Pro x33

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FAM5359 wheel cap set- Used

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Set of 4 British Leyland wheel center caps from steel wheels. MIni HLE and Mayfair models, 1982-84. Used parts are sold As-Is.

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Alloy Door Pull Handles - Used Pair

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One pair of Mini alloy door pull handles- Used and in need of a good clean and polish. Used parts are sold as is.

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OEM Style Wheel Arch Set - Used

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Used set OEM/Mini Mayfair style plastic wheel arches as fitted to many later model Classic Minis. 4 flares included. The left rear arch has damage at one mounting hole. See pic.  Used parts are sold As-Is.


Radius arm assy LH & RH used

$ 360.00 -15% $ 414.00 | Stock Qty = 1

Complete radius arm LH and RH USED including all parts brakes, drums, shock absorber. Perfect for a rear sub-frame restoration. Removed from a 1994 Mini low miles  Shipping via UPS

Used parts have no warranty and can't be returned

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Used Mini Saloon RH Gas Tank

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Used 5.5 gallon RIGHT SIDE gas tank for a classic Mini Saloon as fitted to Cooper S models. We would suggest a clean/flush and repaint on any used tank but this one appears very clean and solid.  All used parts are sold "as-is" are are not returnable.