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V12 uprated coil DAC6093

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This is an uprated coil non OEM that fits FITS Jaguar V12's 1976 to 1989 up to VIN 157117. This is an upgrade part; it replaces both coils with a single fast-charge coil and replaces the DLB170 and DLB171.

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Girling brake pads, Brake Pad Set Ceramic Square Style Jaguar to 1968

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OE Girling Brake Pad Set for Jaguar E-Type 1961 to 1968 front and rear. These are the best pads that you can buy for your car. Each pad has an anti-squeal shim glued to the back of the pad for silent braking. As for composition each pad is made from Ceramic material for an almost dustless braking and helps with high temperature brake fade. No more black rims to clean on your car and youll have confidence in braking. Girling Lucas Brake Pads are manufactured by Giring Automotive and have always been the benchmark for the European Aftermarket, as well as being the leading suppler of disc brake systems to vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Suzuki, General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi. Excellent Brake Performance TRW's stringent performance specifications ensure that all Girling pads have excellent fade resistance in most braking conditions, as well as good pedal feel and excellent recovery. Girilng brake pads work when cold and continue to perform at very high temperatures (with a stable friction co-efficient from 100 C to 650C). Reduced bedding-in time All Girilng brake pads are scorched at 650C eliminating initial fading and reducing the bedding-in time. The scorching process superficially heats the surface of the friction material to release residual gases and resins remaining after the manufacturing process. Low Noise All Girling pads are fitted with hot-glued rubber composite shims. This reduces vibration - the major cause of brake noise. When Girling brake pads are fitted to your vehicle they will provide you with absolute braking confidence. Girling Brake Pads provides Performance when it counts. Cross Reference GPC52